audio (mp3)

Pierre Berthet  extended loudspeaker - premix - 7'21"
Excerpt of a recording session of an installation at the Gallery Z33
Four extended loudspeakers without membranes connected to 16 thin can resonators, being sent sine waves and feedback.
This recording session has been mixed and released in 2009 by Sub Rosa (sr296)
ß-seed defrost take 1 - 3'33"
introït - 3'36"
introït video version (looking for exit) - 3'36
M - 9'24"
girospace Energie circule, se transforme, et ne s'arrête jamais - 7'43"
Plan-net Panic fire house - 3'35"
autostart '99 - 2'35"
sRg pb16 6'20"
autostart '99 - 4'57"
pixel - 1'06"
Artificial Memory Trace basics from AMT for PBK - 1'58"
transphase 1 (fragment)
where the language might be born - 2'10"
introduction for radio-piece for radiolab, a brussels2000 project
workshops - 1'43"
created from recordings with small children in workshop in Eijsden (Holland)
fragment from "live" session of Martin Klapper (toys) and Slavek Kwi (ordinary objects) - 3'05"
played (& recorded) in Denmark/Copenhage, 20th of july 2000


Tzeny Argyriou - - realized a video for ß-seed's introït.

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